Tiny home on the roof of Manhattan building for sale

The cottage is being sold along with a two-storey penthouse duplex in the East Village, but how did it get there?

From Minthorne Farm to East Village apartment

The building itself sits on land that was originally part of a 20-hectare plot of what was then called Minthorne Farm.

Phillip Minthorne had purchased farmland from the Dutch East India Company in the 18th century before dividing his 44-hectare property among his nine children.

Built in 1868, the building is made up of five separate homes including the penthouse duplex which is now on the market for $US3.5 million.

The tiny Nantucket-style cottage which sits on the roof was a derelict structure moved to the site by sculptor Henry Merwin Shrady III in 1980, according to the New York Post.

Shrady originally owned the entire building and the then rundown cottage was moved to the roof. Shrady retained the top floors and the roof cottage which was used as a studio and his widow is now selling the property.

The cottage itself has one large main room, a bathroom, kitchenette and loft on the inside with a rounded tower and large windows which no doubt offer impressive views of lower Manhattan.

The two-storey duplex below has a stunning double height great room and features wooden window frames, brick fireplaces, a renovated kitchen, four bathrooms, and four bedrooms along with a dressing room which has a washer and dryer.

The home is being sold through broker Nick Gavin at Compass.